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Our Asta was born in Zimbabwe, Africa.

We moved to Harare in June 2001, and Asta came to live with us when she was only six weeks old. 

In the summer of 2004 the whole family moved back to Sweden.


Asta is a very pleasant and confident dog. She is always up for play, training or excercise, and afterwards loves to cuddle up into as small a ball as she can possibly get. As goes for most Ridgebacks her teens were quite busy and perhaps even hectic, but she has developed into the most wonderful companion and family member. Friends are always welcomed by the doorstep, sometimes almost drowned in kisses, and still she's not late to alert us if there is a strange or unfamiliar noice in the garden. When spending time with us in the city or on communal transport, she is almost ignorant of people and other dogs passing by. Asta is a truly laid-back lady that can easily turn into a flying athlete, stretching out over the fields in chase of something real or imaginary.









Shabella 'Asta'

born 25 July 2001

red wheaten, black nosed

height 66 cm

weight 38 kg

complete scissor bite

hips B, elbows u.a.

first litter planned for spring 2006