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August 2006

August 25. Lovely Canis last weekend in Sweden...

For more information, please check out Canis' own homepage.

Little one is tired after a days play with sis Raiza and later on a whole bunch of two-leggings (thanks for a nice meal and good company, Jeppe & Co.)


Puppy party August 5!

It's really a pleasure to see you all - pups and owners alike. Warm thanks for taking such good care of your dogs!


Brothers Affe and Kungen.



Argos spending some quality time with mum Ewy.



Britta tries (in vain - no need to say) to imagine the pups the size they were when leaving home...




August 2. Canis and Kiwi trying hard to ignore the flies...                                                                           Thanks for summer help, Henrik & Carolina.