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Linnajas Tea-litter

Affe - Linnajas QuickBrew - lives with Mattias and Karin on Söder, Stockholm.


Kiwi - Linnajas Nilgiri - lives with Henrik and Carolina in Västerhaninge.


Kungen - Linnajas Lapsang - lives with Susanna and Erik in Sundbyberg.


Sally - Linnajas Ceylon - lives with Eva, Staffan and Anna on a farm outside Halmstad.


Buster - Linnajas Bergamot - lives with Olle, Kicki, Josefin and Johanna in Sandviken.


Masimba - Linnajas Tanganda - lives with Mats, Maria, Johanna, Saga and Erik outside Helsingborg.


Raiza - Linnajas Lipton - lives with Tamara, Claes, Johanna and Patrik in Täby (about 300 metres from us!).


Roobi - Linnajas Rooibos - lives with Madeleine and Janne outside Halmstad.


Canis - Linnajas Darjeeling - will move to his new family (Merete, Steini, Patrick and Helena) in Iceland in August. Until then he stays with mum Asta and us.