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SRRS Specialklubben Rhodesian Ridgeback Sverige

SRRS Stockholm

SKK Svenska Kennelklubben

Dea Decora's Argos, proud father of Linnaja's litter in March 2006

CANIS - Linnajas Darjeeling, export to Iceland

Kennel Roseridge

Nombeko Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Germany

A livernosed beauty in Vallentuna, Jindra

Asta's friend Kosmos, who unfortunately had to stay behind in Zimbabwe.


Asta, Kosmos and Vispen - three sleeping beauties.


One little friend, or more like a sister. Asta with our firstborn Virve.


Watching tv with secondborn Alma.


Vispen, Mum and Asta in Ngomakurira mountains outside Harare. A favourite place on Earth, and the setting for lots and lots of sweaty hiking expeditions.