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June 2006

June 26. Summer. Garden and surroundings.





Canis tired off. Too much fresh air.


nästan som en liten Virvehuldra




får en kram av mamma


Kungen enjoying his sleep in mum Sanna's lap after playing for a full 24 hours with brother Canis and mum Asta (June 10-11).



cozy brothers                                                                   half-brother Leroy visiting along with dad Argos


"One day, Canis, we will be big like them..."


"... but for now, let's stay at a safe distance"


Asta was only so-so impressed with Lirre's attention, climbing up to seek comfort from J-dad.


Canis resting with sister Virve.


June 17. Congratulations Iceland, on your National Day! Canis and the rest of the pack send our greetings to his future home country!   


We had precious company today. Raiza stays here for the weekend, and Kiwi came to play for a few hours.



Sisters and brother.


Kiwi is "herre på täppan".


Pretty Raiza.


Pretty sister Kiwi.


Gene Simmons. Or Linnajas "the tongue" Nilgiri - Kiwi.



Watch out, human kiddies, we have taken over today!


Asta and Canis were sooo excited with the Sweden - Paraguay game.


Beauty sleep.


June 2. Canis is making mum both happy and quite frustrated, and we all really know we're alive. Puppy in the house! All over the house is perhaps a more proper expression.



Now its you and me mum. Until August.


Canis made sure Roobi will remember him properly, now that she has moved off to Halmstad. 


As did Asta.


And both at the same time.


But Roobi darling is still herself.


Canis exploring the roses.


So what do you want me to do with that... thing?

Ok, I get it...