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May 2006

May 23. Six of our beautiful puppies have moved to their new homes!


Raiza, Canis and Roobi will stay on here a little bit longer, continuosly exploring the surroundings.



Raiza and Roobi kissing.






Crazy ever playful mum.


May 12. Asta's and Argos' pups have already reached the mature age of seven weeks. In about a blink of an eye they will move off to start their new lives with their new families. We will miss them immensely but we are at the same time confident we have chosen the very best homes for them.

Today's pictures below. A day made for running around the garden, playing with your sisters and brothers. Or mum.



Linnajas Lapsang - "Kungen" (will keep his high-status working name!)


Linnajas Lipton "Raiza" - formerly known as Dot.


Linnajas Darjeeling "Canis" - formerly known as Festus.


Linnajas Bergamot "Buster" - formerly known as Berra.


Linnajas QuickBrew "Affe" - formerly known as Afrika.


Linnajas Rooibos "Roobi" - formerly known as Guldlock.


Linnajas Nilgiri "Kiwi" - formerly known as Sessan.


Linnajas Ceylon "Sally" - formerly known as Yxan.


Linnajas Tanganda "Masimba" - formerly known as Italien.


The lot. Almost.





May 7. New individual shots here.




Guldlock on the run.


3 maj. A few pics from the last week.



 Kungen on his way out into the garden.


Yxan following shortly.


Festus found something?



Berra too fast to focus!


Italien on the march.


Best friends playing.


Playing hide and seek.


Visiting handsome dad Argos didn't stop Alma from getting in the way.




Perhaps not the same pleasure any longer.


Did I tell the story of the siamese pups....?                                                                       (Sessan and Kungen)


Asta doing dog yoga.


Are you ready for this?


Festus with mum.


Afrika watching out.


Berra and mum.




Berra, Italien and Alma.


Guldlock waiting for the red currants.